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Simmental Females
Czech-Mate Livestock :: Graphic by Kim Groeneveld
Czech-Mate Livestock :: Graphic by Kim Groeneveld

We emphasize a strong production base of easy fleshing, strong uddered solid colored simmental cows who are complimented by our walking herd sires.

CMS Heirloom 112Y
CMS Frontier 709E son of Black Gold Simmental CMS 531C
Sons of Sons of
CMS 631C Sons of

CMS Radisson 41R
Radisson is a herd matron we have come to appreciate
not only for her type, but for her production value.  

CMS Heirloom 112Y CMS Tequila 719T
Crosby daughter kept in herd daughter sold to Double Bar D
for $12, 500
CMS True Grit 53X  
Son sold to Porter Ranches for $20,000  

CMS Luba 23L
Luba is a donor female who always produces the good ones! Her sons have gone on to do great things for other purebred herds and her daughters come to the top of the replacement pen every year.

CMS 961W
daughter kept in herd

CMS All Star 127Y
son sold to Sunny Valley Simmentals for $14,000.

CMS Tradmark 756T
son sold to Kopp Farms for $8,000 22 Trademark sons avg. $9,200 in Kopp's 2012 bull sale.

CMS Sunflower 316A
daughter sold to Stout Bros., Rimbey, AB

Erixon Lady 202S 2009 Agribition Champion
A Female who has surpassed our expectations - she went undefeated in the showing and has gone on to lead our donor program. Expect to see her influence in our herd and the industry for years to come.
CMS Lady Jane 106Y
sold to Starwest Farms, BC for $12,000
CMS Lady Godiva 211Z
sold to Lazy Rainbow River Ranch, MB for $13,500
CMS Wicked Lady
daughter sold to Harvie Ranching
for $10,500
CMS Lady GaGa
Daughter sold 1/2 interest to Outlaw Cattle Co. for $15,000. We are excited to have her in our donor program - watch for her progency this fall and in our 2013 bull sale, they are amazing.

CMS Lady GaGa 21X

CMS Lady Morgan 508C

CMS Lady Morgan 505C

CMS/BMD Paparazzi 205Z
Son sold to Crossroads Farm for $43,000


We have downsized our herd to an impressive group of front end females. We have retained the 2011 heifer calves to add the strength and predictability of their dams back into our program. We emphasize the value of elite cow families and believe they will lead us into the future!

last updated November 26, 2018